Why would we need WikiLeaks after all? Now, the information and conclusions below don’t necessary reflect the actual state of things and in no way represent true events and situations. It was taken out of context and merely collected from pieces. All of this is just a creation of my conspiracy theory. Don’t read it. Read More →

When A Fly Flies Into Coffee The Italian: throws the cup and walks away in a fit of rage The Frenchman: takes out the fly, and drinks the coffee The Chinese: eats the fly and throws away the coffee… The Russian: drinks the coffee with the fly, since it was extra with no charge The Read More →

Once there was a way to open ODF (Open Document Format, read OpenOffice) docs in MS Office. You could get a free (as in beer) plugin from sun and open files. Not anymore. Although the Oracle site still, at the time of writing, offers the software for free with the tagline “Get it now: FREE”, Read More →

Oracle has changed Solaris 10 license from “free to use” to “90 days trial” Expect trials for Java SE, MySQL and some “light” versions barely working you can get for free: Now, with its acquisition of Sun finalized, it seems that Oracle has appended this sentence to the license paragraph above: Please remember, your right Read More →

Russian prosecutors have closed domain delegation of torrents.ru which is a 4-30m users torrent tracker. Arguably the largest one in .ru zone. In a couple of hours the tracker came back under another domain name. The Russian Internet is full of speculations though the idea is clear, western copyright fighters just have got another bone Read More →