powershell one-liner: powershell invoke-command -scr "{$tot=0; gwmi win32_Processor -Property NumberOfLogicalProcessors |  ForEach-Object { $tot = $tot + $_.NumberOfLogicalProcessors }; $tot}" Gives you the total number of what OS sees as processors, practically a total of all threads on all physical CPUs.

1. get resource kit tools for 2003 (no 2008 at the moment of writing) just to have a copy of srvany.exe 2. ignore compatability warnings and install as is 3. create service using sc and binPath=”srvany.exe” 4. open regedit and create a string value /CreatedService/Parameters/Application 5. put Pathtopowershell.exe -ExecutionPlicy RemoteSigned -File PathToscript.ps1 start it my Read More →