found it by googling agree with google. it is related 🙂 anyway, if you are into Internet business on any layer then it is worth reading comments included. Web 2.0 & Death of the Network Engineer

Excuse my skepticism, but whenever there is a “market regulation” law popping out in a parliament, I always start from finding who benefits from it. And usually there is  always an industry or corporation behind it which is lobbying for the new law. I don’t think it has to do something with global conspiracy but Read More →

long time ago, like a decade or so… I’ve seen this video for the first time on a workshop. unforgettable experience. the thing is that watching it today again i don’t only feel nostalgic but also I realize that today it all works the same and nothing has changed from the technology point. but who Read More →

I am. Spooky. How deep the rabbit hole is? How much of your own life can be traded for the commodity of web X.0 ?First this Chrome thing with nr. 11 statement that owns all of the data comes in and out of browser. They say it was a mistake and will be corrected. Now Read More →