Once there was a way to open ODF (Open Document Format, read OpenOffice) docs in MS Office. You could get a free (as in beer) plugin from sun and open files. Not anymore. Although the Oracle site still, at the time of writing, offers the software for free with the tagline “Get it now: FREE”, Read More →

Oracle has changed Solaris 10 license from “free to use” to “90 days trial” Expect trials for Java SE, MySQL and some “light” versions barely working you can get for free: Now, with its acquisition of Sun finalized, it seems that Oracle has appended this sentence to the license paragraph above: Please remember, your right Read More →

Last week, Oracle laid off two more members of Sun’s already-decimated APO (Orca screen reader, a project led by Sun’s Accessibility Program Office.) Open Letter to Oracle here Now it’s more like offense if they close it 🙁

Please follow the link below and send ONE email to European Comission if you do care about the future of the product/project you are using for your application, your internet, your services. Saving MySQL from Oracle If you live on another planet, Sun is being sold to Oracle and Oracle didn’t not promisse anything about Read More →