Russian prosecutors have closed domain delegation of which is a 4-30m users torrent tracker. Arguably the largest one in .ru zone. In a couple of hours the tracker came back under another domain name.

The Russian Internet is full of speculations though the idea is clear, western copyright fighters just have got another bone from Russian government. Once pirates haven Russia is eager for western money and there are dozens of demonstrative actions taken by their law forces against illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted material. Just to show. Why demonstrative ? compare it to PirateBay shutdown. It is not that hard to find who is behind the website and do legal actions against them. Ineffectiveness is the first sign of dummy operations.

But it does make me think louder about all this story with illegal content. I don’t really get the reason they still fight. Is it just greediness or what??

There are millions of downloaders in the world that steel movies just because renting or buying it legally is totally uncomfortable. We are in 2010. So just accept the Internet. Change your model and stop hunting the money you will not get. I will be among the first ones to pay for good quality, official, in whatever language I prefer movies I can download directly from publisher website.

Oh yeah, it breaks your business because you don’t know how many people will watch it, so you can’t apply theater model, you don’t know for how long I will keep it so you can’t charge the rent. And you can’t sell it to me like a DVD in the store because I can just copy it (you know I can copy whatever I see on a computer screen, right?). Pretty deadlock for you.

When something old gets deadlocked there has to be innovation to replace it. So just innovate you old farts, let it go, give it to young people with open minds. I will still go to the movies. I’m convinced my son will too. So here, take the my money for not going when movie doesn’t worth it. Here take my money for getting a movie without spending my time for blockbuster.

I think the reason is that businesses are driven by old farts. Nothing more.

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