Since the new beta is out, I wanted to give it a try.
Works much better than previous one.

However, when I came this morning to the office I decided to connect this thingy using the corporate HTTP proxy.
For the rest of the applications I usually use little library “transconnect” that does transparent HTTP CONNECT socketing when LD_PRELOADED. For most of apps works just fine, but skype does not like it.
After some initial stracing and tcpdumping, I realized that skype parses firefox and opera configs. Well, this indeed looks like searching for proxy, especially if taking to account that it does do HTTP CONNECT on windows. Bingo, google also said that skype is looking for proxy settings there. Ok, configured proxy in both files, nothing works, skype still sends SYNs to public IPs. The same mail from some list I’ve found mentioned http_proxy ENV variable, well did not work either, and then I read at the end of this mail, that skype does not know to authenticate to proxy. Another bingo. A 30 sec proxy-in-the-middle install on local host, and launching `https_proxy=localhost:8080 ./skype` brings it up connected after the thingy understands that SYNs directly “shall not pass here”.

Testing the sound, all seems good so far.

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