Finally there is some activity on this issue on the Italian top level… Al Senato infatti l’alleanza rosso-verde di “Insieme per l’Unione” dichiara guerra alla barriere di contenimento old style installate lungo strade e autostrade. “Troppo spesso – spiega il senatore Mauro Bulgarelli, primo firmatario del Ddl – purtroppo queste barriere di lamiera si trasformano Read More → Read More →

Q: Now, what all the MS haters will do? And, more important: “When you have a monopoly What’re your customers going to do?” A: “The guy at the keyboard of a Windows Vista box, using Microsoft Office at work, and Windows Media Player at home is not the customer, he is _the product_. The customers Read More → Read More →

Just as my friend described in his blog as projects approach the dead lines, too often the good relationships are becoming “who-is-to-blame-for-being-late”. Again I am seeing this situation with some partners. Just wanted to complain… Read More →