16/09 – 21:00 – Milano – Teatro Nuovo still in doubt if I shoud go to Lecco or to Teatro Nuovo at 16th, this one fits just great: 14/09 – 21:30 – Trezzo sull’Adda – The Gathering – Live Club but I have no company, anyone to join me? Read More →

WMV9 uses a VC-1 codec that was available till now only through win32 dlls. Not anymore. Thanks to Kostya’s diligent, Google-sponsored work, FFmpeg now has a native, open source VC-1 decoder module that is working quite well for most WMV3 media found on the internet. It’s working well enough that there should not be much Read More → Read More →

Unlike many others (google, FON, Earthlink etc…) Boston mayor demonstrated plans for a “media only” network. Yes, they want to provide infrastructure for the providers to bring the services to the clients over it.IMO the idea has more future comparing to the others.More on gigaom Read More →