Russian prosecutors have closed domain delegation of which is a 4-30m users torrent tracker. Arguably the largest one in .ru zone. In a couple of hours the tracker came back under another domain name. The Russian Internet is full of speculations though the idea is clear, western copyright fighters just have got another bone Read More →

well, I was speaking of it all the time 🙂 now she does it a way better learned two new terms though planned and perceived obsolescence [hana-flv-player video=”/videos/stuff.flv” width=”720″ height=”406″ description=”The Story of Stuff” clickurl=”” clicktarget=”_blank” player=”4″ autoplay=”false” autoload=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /] via storyofstuffproject on youtube

long time ago, like a decade or so… I’ve seen this video for the first time on a workshop. unforgettable experience. the thing is that watching it today again i don’t only feel nostalgic but also I realize that today it all works the same and nothing has changed from the technology point. but who Read More →