UPDATE: I spoke with all Italian providers support I could reach as a client, that makes 4 major providers. Nobody, NOBODY could tell me what is going on and how I can reach the entity who is responsible for blacklisting if I want to indicate a mistake or to notify a child pornography site. Tiscali representative offered me to configure OpenDNS servers as a solution. Great, isn’t it? you don’t have to worry, big brothers will take care of you. How long does it take to become paranoid now?

UPDATE: Who is behind that: this time it is not governo italiano. worse. it was back in 2004 when this  CIRCAMP – COSPOL Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project was created. Since it was a “SECRET” project, there wasn’t much public attention to it until it was implemented. Then came the complains that it doesn’t work. It is pointless. Neverthenless. The journey started in January 2008 and now also in Italy. After so much critics from Netherlands, Finland, Denmark…. it still goes on. For the own money of tax payers.

UPDATE:  I am terribly sorry for offending Telecom Italia. I was totally wrong. They are not the first.
I’ve tried: Telecom Italia, Tiscali, Wind, Fastweb. Unfortunately, all of them do the same.
Filtering of Internet as Polizia Postale decides.

did you know dear readers that telecom italia is probably the most advanced technology company in Italy? oh yes. they are the first to start filtering internet as recently proposed by incompetent italian government.webpageIf you are a telecom italia (specifically interbusiness) client and you happen to use their DNS servers (like this one: then don’t be surprized to get an ugly webpage ( attached ) when you browse sites that share images or tell post naughty jokes. Just like it happend with imagesnack. One of the most popular websites for posting images and embedding them on other sites. Someone from Polizia Postale found a picture that according to their rules falls into pedophilia category. One picture. Billions of websites lost content.What can you do to prevent this scam? Well, I don’t believe you can do something to Telecom Italia, either I don’t think you can do something to Italian Government. So just help yourself, browse to http://www.opendns.com/  and follow the instructions on how to start using it. I am terribly sorry for the poor guys who are in corporate networks that use telecom italia DNS and don’tallow direct requests from workstations.If you still ask how they do this, then in two words, when you type www.google.com in your browser, your system has to translate it into numeric IP address. This is done for you by your DNS server. Telecom italia clients use telecom italia DNS server. This server when you type in a name of blocked website translates it into incorrect IP address that shows you the ugly page. If you use an external DNS server (like OpenDNS) or you have a local one (your own) than you are totally ok and Your Internet cannot be censored by this highly advanced technological company.

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