I am. Spooky. How deep the rabbit hole is? How much of your own life can be traded for the commodity of web X.0 ?
First this Chrome thing with nr. 11 statement that owns all of the data comes in and out of browser. They say it was a mistake and will be corrected. Now this name tagging in picassa…..
Until now google only owned you in text web and now they will own you on photos too. I know many people who are trying to not show their real faces associated with their real names. But I do have their photos in my picassa albums. I am a kind person so I will not tag their names. Am I an unique character? Or will someone tag their names? How long will it take then until google will find and will tag all their photos on the net?

Are you sure about what photos of you are out there that you’d prefer to keep anonymous? I am pretty sure there are some I’d like to remove before my q=michael%20tabolsky in google picks them up.

Having all this global community and friending all the world is fine for me, but sometimes .. sometimes I think I’d better off to the old anonymous web where I could just say “I am gfdsa” and nobody could know what’s behind it.

Bottom line, I’m seriously thinking to move away from google, It will be a costly operation that will force me to pay more to hosters, but I just don’t trust this provider of free beer.

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