Big news, really big this time. The company that leads the proprietary VoIP is opening the doors gates for the standards. Predictably  you have to pay for entrance. Ironically, they do it with the company leading the open VoIP, Digium: GLENDALE, Ariz. (AstriCon 2008)—September 25, 2008—Digium®, creator and primary developer of Asterisk®, the leading open Read More →

A really nice page that shows in numbers who Canonical ( the company behind Ubuntu Linux driven by Mark Richard Shuttleworth, for the rest of us ) really is. Or at least it is my last argument in hating the pathetic distribution that sucks life essence from GNU/Linux. I’ve been always saying Ubuntu is a Read More →

BABY(1) USER COMMANDS BABY(1) NAME BABY – create new process from two parent processes SYNOPSIS BABY sex [ name ] SYSTEM V SYNOPSIS /usr/5bin/BABY [ -sex ] [ -name ] AVAILABILITY The System V version of this command is available with the Sys- tem V software installation option. Refer to Installing SunOS 4.1 for information Read More →

When you get no events notifications about power cable in-out on vaio, you must probably have hit the vaio bios bug. Practically it sends 0x81 event instead of 0x80. To fix it in current kernels distributed by your favorite vendor you have to add in ac.c : #define ACPI_AC_NOTIFY_STATUS           0x80 +#define ACPI_AC_NOTIFY_SONY             0x81 #define ACPI_AC_STATUS_OFFLINE          Read More →

I am. Spooky. How deep the rabbit hole is? How much of your own life can be traded for the commodity of web X.0 ?First this Chrome thing with nr. 11 statement that owns all of the data comes in and out of browser. They say it was a mistake and will be corrected. Now Read More →