Big news, really big this time. The company that leads the proprietary VoIP is opening the doors gates for the standards. Predictably  you have to pay for entrance. Ironically, they do it with the company leading the open VoIP, Digium:

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AstriCon 2008)—September 25, 2008Digium®,
creator and primary developer of Asterisk®, the leading open source
telephony platform, and Skype™, the leading global Internet
communications company, today announced the beta version of Skype For
Asterisk, which will allow the integration of Skype functionality into
Digium’s Asterisk software and enable customers to make, receive and
transfer Skype calls from within their Asterisk phone systems.


Good? Has to be good somehow. Not impressed. We’ll see.

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