Below is the message I’ve got from support of an Italian ISP which hosts one of the servers I manage….Literally it says:

Dear Michael Tabolsky,
Hereby inform you, that because of the errors suring the boot process it is not possible to bring the server online, the only solution is to reinstall the OS. Please let us know if you need to recover data from the server.
At your disposal for further clarifications

Gentile Michael Tabolsky,
Le comunico che non รจ possibile avviare la macchina a causa degli errori in fase di boot, l’unica soluzione e reinstallare l’OS, ci faccia sapere se deve recuperare dati dal server.
Rimaniamo a disposizione per ulteriori chiarimenti.

Speechless, just … well.. yeah, what kind of … well, why do they sign their e-mail as “Staff”?!?!

Should it bring me back to the Italian services question? I don’t know if it’s a normal practice in other countries, neither I know if it is a normal practice in Italy. First time I’ve been thrown such a thing into the face ๐Ÿ™

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