It is a common knowledge that bikes are made for an average height person so when your legs are slightly longer than ones of an average Joe biker you are destined to get less comfort. At least on a cruiser or a custom. It is not an issue on short rides but at least speaking for myself I start to get some painful discomfort after 100km or so. There are several solutions including moving the feet controls more towards the front wheel or adding some “highway pegs” on top of the standard ones. Both of these are pretty expensive and I don’t feel like fixing myself to a solution I didn’t try and would have hsrd time to change. So I’ve decided to add some crash bars and put easy removable pegs on it or otherwise find some bars that work as pegs as well. I will not describe the week of googling, calling US manufacturers to check the Honda models compatability.
Will mention only one I’d really want to have, Linbar by Lindby Custom Inc. This could satisfy me the best but the manufacturer said it won’t fit my bike. So back to options av available in EU. At the end of the story I’ve got to a conclusion that if you want a cruiser/custom and it is not an HD, then you’d better off to relocate to US first.
But anyway, I’ve found that Hepco & Becker German manufacturer makes crash bars also for cruisers and not only for touring bikes as I thought before. Checking their models I’ve seen that there is a model fitting at least half of what I want. Literally it should not touch the ground even with driver’s peg pushed up to the top. So I’ve contacted them to check the compatability as they did not list my model/year but only the Shadow Spirit (vt750dc 2008) and they aswered “should be these ones”. Placed the order with local Italian dealer and got them in 3 days.

I’ve just finished to mount them and did only a couple of kms to test drive the curves. So far I am pleased by the result and have no complains. Obligatory blurry photos below and stay tuned for the pegs story 🙂

Photos on picasaweb

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