As Neil Schwartzman in returnpath blog says about McAfee email report which shows that overall amount of email has grew up whenever the SPAM ratio remains the same:

The very bad news: Overall email volume is way up so the amount of spam has gone way up too. Translation: there is a lot more crap clogging up the system.

and the obvious advice:

For marketers a move toward smaller amounts of relevant email is way past due. Consumers simply aren’t able to keep up with the volume and will tune out more and more. Does this mean people will give up on email? Nope, but they will be more and more choosy — choosy about what they sign up for, choosy about what they stay subscribed to, choosy about what they open and read. You want be the email they open every time. You can do it.

And this is SOOOOO TRUE…..


Read the McAfee Report here

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