Intel/Vyatta claim they did it

That’s the way it all went down. And now, repeating history, Intel has published an earth-shattering benchmark using Vyatta on a single-CPU Nehalem server. The result? Line-rate 20-Gigabit bi-directional networking performance from a class of servers widely available from Dell, HP, IBM etc — servers that cost less than $5,000. This is precisely the hardware dynamic that powered the adoption of Linux.
So why don’t the existing networking vendors jump on board? It’s simple: It would destroy their business as they know it — they make money by offering small, slow boxes and upselling the customer into large, expensive boxes. That’s why 10-Gigabit in the proprietary network vendor model is a $100,000 expense proposition.

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Vyatta is bringing innovation and affordability to the networking industry by delivering advanced routing and security in a software-based network OS that scales from the branch office to the service provider edge. Vyatta has decoupled networking software from proprietary hardware allowing users to leverage the price and performance advantages of standard x86-based hardware and components as well as Citrix XenServer and VMWare virtual or cloud environments.

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