Yes, thats right, joining the crowd. I’ve been looking at these for about 4 months sliding my opinion from “disgusting” when I eventually stumbled upon Asus OhEEEs to “cool” when I’ve seen Lenovo’s S10. Anyway, I bought for three certain reasons, one being the curiosity, the other my recent “on the move” activity ( 15.4 vaio is bulky, heavy and after 1 year of 24/7 the battery keeps 30 minutes) and the latest reason is to get rid from this “do I want it or not?” mood which takes too much time browsing reviews, blogs and photos.
So for a month or less the samsung nc10 has arrived to Italy and after being in to mediaworlds ( the first distributor of it) in Milan and seeing empty shelves ( oh my, could you imagine?), today I’ve picked it up in the shop close to home.
Again, as with any new computer I get, I’ve checked out what’s new in the windows world for a five minutes to discover it is degrading drastically and started to comfort myself. Right, remove this stuff and put some real meat on it.
Ouch, finished installing! A report will follow.

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