sputnik:~ # zypper dup
– skip –
Overall download size: 1.55 G. After the operation, additional 173.8 M will be used.

I’ve always seen the upgrades sceptically …
This time it HAS to work. Come on, it’s 2008 …

Update: well, after 40 minutes … it worked 😉
Happy me !

TIP: How to upgrade from opensuse 10.3 to opensuse 11.0 :
first grab the links to oss and non-oss repositories here:
just keep these in buffer.
second rpm -Uvh new zypper from there, download the necessary dependencies ( you can safely –nodeps when it only lists yasts )
now then, use `zypper rr` to empty your repositories, when you’ll have it clean – add the ones from 11.0 and do `zypper dup`. A few conflicts to solve and you are all set. Zypper will download the stuff, reboot and you are in 11.0.

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