sputnik:~ # zypper dup– skip –Overall download size: 1.55 G. After the operation, additional 173.8 M will be used. I’ve always seen the upgrades sceptically …This time it HAS to work. Come on, it’s 2008 … Update: well, after 40 minutes … it worked 😉Happy me ! TIP: How to upgrade from opensuse 10.3 to Read More →

Oh yes. They’ve told us June 17th. What do we get at 16:00 CET? You can bet we still have 2.0.14 as the only option. Why? Is there delay in the delivery? Some critical bug in software? Are their servers out of space for the new files? Nope. Did you note the 24h time notation? Read More →

I need to make myself a feed proxy … with only two features. Thats it. To proxy feeds To filter out articles by regular expressions Just imagine engadget’s feed with all the /iphone/i filtered out, or suse planet with /miguel/i out? That would make my life easier more peaceful. I will find an hour to Read More →