Oh yes. They’ve told us June 17th. What do we get at 16:00 CET? You can bet we still have 2.0.14 as the only option. Why? Is there delay in the delivery? Some critical bug in software? Are their servers out of space for the new files?

Nope. Did you note the 24h time notation? Ok, so the thing is that Firefox is released at June 17th at 10pm. PDT !!!

Now you could say that it is okay, mozilla foundation is US based and can schedule the dates in their local time. Actually no, you can’t say that. It is a delivery of product. World wide delivery. Check this page’s map and tell me if there is a difference in the number of US and “rest of us” number of Mozilla Foundation customers. You bet there is. But who cares?

Pathetic USA self-centristic behaivour.

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