This free calling has become one of the hottest issues on the net, so here is my 5 cents. has an offer that allows you to make free calls between registered and active users if they are on landlines and within some geographical limits.

Just a note on jajah, it is a different kind of VoIP service, instead of connecting you over the net when you should have some device connected to it, like software phone or VoIP handset or ATA, they connect phones directly. You go to their website, type in the number you want to call, select your number, click CALL and both phones start to ring.

Ok, so back to the free stuff or rather back to how I got free calls between Italy and Israel.

I am registered at jajah, and I have used it for some time to make calls. So I am totally active user with 3 phone numbers registered. Today I have registered my father too, and adding myself to his address book noticed that my nubers appear as free-to-call ones. So the catch was that you should not have both of the users within a country from “free” lists, you only need one. My father can call me free now.

Then I went to register another account with Israeli number, done it and it did not appear in my phone book as “free-to-call” one, obviously because the user is new, and he is not “active” yet. But the thing was that my number was “free-to-call” for that account. So the 2nd catch is that you need only one “active” to make the calls free.

The 3rd catch is a bit harder to understand. The thing is working only for landlines in the Europe. So actually it is not a “free” call, because you pay for your landline some fixed rate (mostly). But the thing is that you don’t have to, at least if you need an Italian number (I suppose there are such services in many other countries) you can go to and get a totally free geographical number for Italy (02,06,01) to use as a VoIP number. Unless you want to use it for initiating calls – it is free. I have such number, and actually I can give it to anyone I want in any country, and if he has an Internet connection our call will be free.

It is also free for me because I am an Internet addict, so I always have an Internet connection, paying for flat ADSL, have a 5G/a week UMTS dial-pan on mobile, regardless of the voice calls which are less meaningful for me.

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