I always wonder, why this kind of article never makes it to the first pages. And why people prefer to ignore it? Does it take some Stefano Vitta to have all the email stolen and his personal photo albums to get to flicker?Well… people, wake up! unauthorized and unencrypted WIFI is evil!!! Read More →

Recently Amit Mendelson has reminded me about Gizmo Project, which is a VoIP project with PSTN gateways by Sipphone behind.I discovered them when there was a boom of their “Free PSTN calls” promotions and wasn’t impressed much neither by the deal neither by the software. But I checked to day again and noticed that a Read More → Read More →

I alwas thought they are Good Guys“Adobe released the source for its ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation.”and.. no, Adobe did not buy Mozilla, and … no, Adobe did not sell flash to Mozilla Read More →

Finally I can get rid of evolution and come back to kmail after 1 year of struggling.I have found a piece of software here which redirects email from exchange to my account using webdav.Happy-happy joy-joy. Thanks Juhani Rautiainen ! you just made my life easier! Read More →