Recently Amit Mendelson has reminded me about Gizmo Project, which is a VoIP project with PSTN gateways by Sipphone behind.
I discovered them when there was a boom of their “Free PSTN calls” promotions and wasn’t impressed much neither by the deal neither by the software. But I checked to day again and noticed that a lot has changed. I have bought $10 traffic and will see how it works. I’d really want to drop skype in favor of Gizmo, mostly because of “religious” reasons and also Sipphone rates are a way cheaper.

Religious reasons are simple, it does not have this aggressive marketing of Skype/Ebay/(FON?) that drives me mad, the protocol is open so you can use it with any device/software you want and their Linux client version works.

So anyone who wants to give it a try, I am “gfdsaorg” there.

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