WS 400 Sender/TooManyDistributions/Processing
your request could cause you to exceed the maximum
number of distributions allowed.

Or in other words, you have hit something not mentioned on CloudFront service description and limits request form. That is 100 distribution per account.

Waiting for a reply from sales.


Dear Mr. Tabolsky,

The 100 Distributions limit for each Account is stated in the FAQ page related to CloudFront; here the link.

The way to get more Distributions is to create more AWS Accounts and then using the “Consolidated Billing”  to have a unified administrative management, under the main AWS Account.

I am fully available for any requests related to our services.

Best Regards,

That’s it, you read the limits on service description page, and you say, “Ok, good enough for me”, but you forget that you also should read the FAQ to find other limits. And when you hit it, you have to re-code your AWS calls to support multiple accounts.

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