Excuse my skepticism, but whenever there is a “market regulation” law popping out in a parliament, I always start from finding who benefits from it. And usually there is¬† always an industry or corporation behind it which is lobbying for the new law. I don’t think it has to do something with global conspiracy but Read More →

Hiding behind anti cybercrime actions, privacy issues, telecom services market blahblah. If network neutrality¬† term doesn’t ring anything to you, think this Europeans: Do you really want to see something like this: on the shelf of your favorite supermarcet. Please do not allow the Internet Filtering, it is your freedom, your knowledge, your access to Read More →

Following other countries in the somewhat idiot’s approach to block child pornography, Germany opts in too. What a shame … There are two natural reasons I can imagine, one is they’ve hired wrong technical consultants and the other is that the real reason is hiding something from regular Internet users. Again, there is still an Read More →