These small ads have become really annoying, using Adblock extension for FF, you can add http://** to your filters for  getting rid of these.Internet suddenly looks better 🙂 Read More →

“If WiMAX, both mobile and fixed, doesn’t take off, it could very well end up being the biggest over-hyped wireless technology of recent years. Though, companies like Intel and global investors are spending massive sums to try to make sure that doesn’t happen.” Read the article Read More →

Yesterday night my beamer said 30 secs after I turned it on:“The projector is overheating, please lower the room temperature” – that’s was the message on the screen…Well, “lower the room temperature” – you wish…Set up a fan behind the beamer and after one minute the warning blinker went off. It’s very hot here. Read More →

did not try myself yet, but seems promising: LANDLINES AND MOBILES Canada,China,Cyprus,Guam,Hong Kong,Malawi,Malaysia,Puerto Rico,Russia,Saipan,San Marino,Singapore,South Korea,Thailand,United States,US Vigin Islands,Vatican City LANDLINES ONLY Argentina,Australia,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Bulgaria,Chile,Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,French Antilles,Germany,Gibraltar,Greece,Guadeloupe,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Israel,Italy,Japan,Liechtenstein,Luxembourg,Monaco,Netherlands, New Zealand,Norway,Panama,Peru,Poland,Portugal,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Taiwan,Turkey,United Kingdom,Venezuela,ZambiaUPD: “Free” conditions, fare enough IMO: Read More →