Sooner or later your slick new notebook is going to annoy you with fan noise and heat. You can even notice it is kinda slowing down. This is inevitable and you will have to open it up (usually happens after your warranty has expired, so no probs), carefully unscrew all these little shiny and black bastards hiding in mostly unexpected locations, scratch you head a hundred times to understand Chinese engineering mind that blocks this or that panel from detaching and finally get to this:

which is exactly the thing that blows air which is suppose to cool these silicon brains down. You will have to remove it and discover this sh*t:

which in turn is exactly what blocks the air from passing in and out. You will have to blow your brains out of your skull if you don’t have canned air in reach or if you are too lazy to grab the vacuum cleaner out from the closet but this way or another you need to make it look like this:

another blow here and there on various parts just to be sure you can say “I did my best to clean this mess” and start closing it. Scratch your head another hundred of times trying to remember where these screws were and enjoy reduced noise and less heat.

As always, YMMV and no guarantees 🙂

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